Livin' in colour

…actually, in monochrome! The coolest styling of the summer calls for one colour worn from head to toe. A singular formula, as simple as it is essential, that it becomes the rule for the colours of a summer season in which femininity is explosive, authentic, vibrant.

Southern Wind

It’s opposites that attract and that outline a playful femininity, full of life and irony. A woman who knows how to choose and makes her own trends that stand in stark opposition but that come together between white and black, translating into models with a vaguely androgynous flavour that are interspersed with hyper-sensual details. To always recognize yourself, beyond appearances.


An exploration of style that is an invitation to set out towards a femininity that is curious, with the soul of a globetrotter and a sophisticated and urban side, which starts from wardrobe classics and reaches original heights.